Trying to Conceive

As you’ve probably gathered by my main page, we were eventually successful, but there were plenty of times in the year of peeing on sticks, measuring temperatures and doctor’s visits when I thought it was never going to work.

We started trying before we got married, knowing that age would be a factor. We were pretty haphazard about it for several months, but after the wedding we started the ovulation kits. Every morning I peed on a stick and waited for two blue lines. Once, while staying at a friend’s house my husband and I had a long discussion on whether a faint second line counted and we were sure that it did. In hindsight – the 2 lines are very strong. It may be hard to admit but it’s better to know up front than thinking it really might have happened for 2 weeks. After several months of this, I went to see the doctor and she prescribed a series of tests.

They took more blood than they left behind, they prodded my stomach and poked me with a tube to see my insides. And then my husband had some alone time with a test tube and some dirty magazines. As it turned out, it was me. I wasn’t dropping eggs, just hoarding them on my ovaries. This is a very common symptom of PSOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome), but I had none of the other symptoms. Women with PSOS generally are overweight (not me) and have an issue with hair, meaning they have thicker hair on their face than is considered normal for women (which after inspecting my face in a rather embarrassing way, my doc agreed was also not me). Nevertheless, this was the only thing they had to treat so that’s where we started.

First, I took a drug to start my period. Even that took a while, but eventually worked. Then I took 50mg of Chlomid, a hormone booster. Chlomid is the twin drug, the boost that causes many women to have twins. For me, it did nothing. Except, of course, cause some mood swings and some very depressed times. the failure mixed with the hormones is killer.
Next, we added basal temperatures. My husband took my temperature every morning and logged it into my iphone (Mefertil app). This was weird. If I was awake before him I had to lie as still as possible so as to not change the temperature and wait for him to get up.

The next time around we were on vacation in the Bahamas waiting for a period. There would be 2 days we would be separated and I was petrified that would be our golden time. Luckily, my period took 12 days to come after I finished the drug, so by that time I was back in the US and with husband. We did see friends there that were also trying and they mentioned acupuncture and also parabens. Parabens are hormones that are added into most chemicals we use on our skin. So, your face cream for example is providing you additional hormones.

So, back in the US, I signed up for acupuncture, threw out all parabens, continued with the basal temperature daily, followed by peeing on an ovulation stick and sex every other day (I forgot to mention that. Every other day can be a lot when you’re tired, your hormones are racing or if you have a spat. After a year and a half of this schedule, we had it down pretty well, but the first few months are rough). I was exhausted, cried a lot even in front of my husband’s friends, was furious at waiting an hour every month to see the doctor, and became convinced it would never work.

And then we started Chlomid at 100mg. We also scheduled a weekend away during this time.
It worked. I saw two distinct lines and we made the most of it.

I can’t tell you what it was that worked; maybe it was the combo.

If you’re going through this, here’s my advice. Be patient. Don’t beat yourself up. You didn’t do anything wrong and the more you worry about it, the less likely it is to happen. Don’t over think anything. If you don’t want to exercise because you’re scared then don’t; if you don’t want to drink, then don’t.

Don’t carry a heavier load than you already have. It’s not necessary and it’ll only hurt your chances.

2 responses to “Trying to Conceive

  1. Congrats on your upcoming arrival!!! I am one of the MeFertil creators and I am always so excited to hear about success stories and the new babies! What an amazing journey! You look absolutely wonderful and I love your blog! Can’t wait for the baby pics!! 🙂

  2. Thanks Renata – I loved mefertil. Pretty simple to use and it worked for me, so thank you!

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