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Pregnancy weight in photos

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6 weeks is tomorrow

Me, right before being induced

6 weeks old!!! 6 weeks is the first massive milestone – you can start the baby on a schedule and you’re cleared (hopefully) to work out and have nookie with your hubby (some people may think the two are the same thing). And so begins the big haul to unload the other 20 pounds.

I put on a total of 44 pounds. In the first 48 hours after giving birth I lost a total of 0 pounds. 0!!! I gave birth to an 8pound, 1 ounce baby and lost no weight. So I actually gained 8lbs, 1 oz during childbirth. In the three days after leaving the hospital, I lost 20 pounds. And then nothing again. I still have 20 to go. So, starting tomorrow, I begin my workout regimen, starting with running.




I’d go hungry, I’d go black and blue I’d go crawling down the avenue There ain’t nothing that I wouldn’t do To make you feel my love

The truth about cloth diapering (Gdiapers)

It’s been five weeks now of cotton diapering and we’ve graduated from xsmall to small and have also been supplementing with pampers sensitive that we got as a gift. Here’s the highly scientific findings:

1. disposables are much easier to carry in the diaper bag. Keep a small box around for that use.

2. gdiapers are much cuter on than pampers

3. gdiapers are much more cozy. Obviously I can’t speak for wearing them (they won’t fit, otherwise I’d try. Anything for science), but they seem more comfy and they are cozier when you hold the little one too.

4. Gdiapers are about $10 cheaper than pampers, but you have to watch where you buy – the shipping can ruin everything.Using the cloth inserts makes it much cheaper and messier.

5. Gdiapers are no more work than regular diapers until it comes to assembly. It takes 15 minutes to put all of ours together each laundry day, between the snap in liner and then the insert. But it’s for my baby and I’ll do almost anything for the little guy.

6. The gdiapers are bulkier so he’s pushing out of newborn clothes when he wears them. That’s not so bad though – not many people buy newborn clothes so we have a ton of 0-3 and 3 month outfits that I’m dying to get to!

7. Most importantly – the gdiapers leak less. For pee (especially at night when you avoid changing for fear of waking), the jammies aren’t wet, whereas the pampers will leak through and cause a change of clothes as well as change of diaper. And that means a waking and that can keep you up for hours. I’d actually pay more for the extra sleep. For poo, the g will hold it better but the change can be messier when it’s a blowout because you’re not tossing everything, so you have to handle the messy insert and sometimes you have to do a liner rinse or even the whole thing has to be rinsed. Once you’ve changed the baby a handful of times though, touching pee or poo is no biggie.

Overall, I prefer the Gs, but the cost difference is very little and they are slightly more work.


It’s 5 o’clock in the morning. I’m so sick of yawning

5 am and the fourth feeding of the night is complete. the boy is sleeping soundly, the dog has completely reverted to wild times and is running full boar around the garden barking intermittently and I am wondering why I didn’t join the realms of idiots that hit black Friday shopping this morning. After all, I’m awake.

My days now consist of feeding, clothing and keeping my little boy happy with short bursts of him sleeping when I run around like a lunatic doing laundry, folding laundry, pumping, dressing myself, eating (it took me 2 hours to eat half a bagel yesterday) and packing the diaper bag, the pump and anything else we might need to go to the grocery store! It takes at least half an hour to leave the house at any given time (second excursion was about 20 minutes away, I got fifteen minutes out with JT screaming from 5 minutes out when I realized I should pull over and try a bottle – for him not me, although…  – only to find I forgot the bottles and had to drive home again. By the time we got home he was sleeping soundly).


The sky could be blue, I don’t mind Without you it’s a waste of time.

Done and done!

He’s here! All 8 pounds 1 ounce of him; he’s a healthy, happy, strong and determined little man. I wrote out the birth story while recovering and will post soon. I am super protective so I wont be writing out his name but using his initials JT instead (no, it’s not Justin Timberlake).

Stay tuned for his life story (and photos)…