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25 weeks: Baby is the size of a rutabaga.

Hopefully she looks better inside than this rutabaga, which slightly resembles my belly with all the additional hair! Yes, the hair grows like crazy, but not so much on my head. Instead my arm hair is longer and I have … Continue reading

Yet another reason to have a dog.

Last night was rough.

We’ve moved into the new house, but Little Man can’t stay there during the day because, until yesterday, the paint was still wet and all of our worldly possessions are stacked in the middle of each room. So, every day we drop him off at our nanny’s house and pick him up at day’s end. All fine, except our nanny lives an hour away, sometimes more as traffic during rush hour is always going with you.

So, last night I left work at 4:45, got to her house at 5:20 (amazing time), packed him up and set off again at 5:45. He hates the car seat now so he goes stiff as a board when you try to put him in it and starts screaming. Last night he alternated screaming and whining for an hour in the car. I was so frazzled when we got home; I called Mike to vent but just ended up being nasty to him out of frustration (he was at the old house trying to empty the fridge).

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Things I learned about having a baby

Our Nurse, Irene

A friend of mine is due any day now and I’m dying to give her advice because I’m a recovering know-it-all (this blog is part of my 12 steps. I haven’t figured out the other 11 yet, guess that’s why I’m still recovering), but I know how annoying advice is during pregnancy so I’ve kept my mouth shut… until now.

Here are a few of the things I learned about giving birth, bringing home baby, having a newborn…                                                            
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Pink or Blue?

Another “We find out tomorrow” post.

This time, we find out if we’re having a boy or a girl (as long as baby cooperates). I have no idea what I think we’re having. I spend more time looking at girl’s clothes, rooms, toys, but I imagine us having another boy when I think about our future.

Let’s look at the pros and cons of each:

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Nanny vs. Daycare

There are clearly ups and downs to both. Our Nanny costs $500/weekly, which seems a little lower than standard in our area and daycare costs around $180.
But, daycare will also cost you a lot more when you factor in the health costs and the days off work dealing with a sick child.
And then there’s the emotions. Leaving your child at daycare is heart wrenching and the first time your child leans in to go to the nanny from your arms, you’ll probably want to punch her in the gut.
The search for either is extremely tough also. We visited several day cares and the good ones have waiting lists months long (we put our name down when pregnant, little man is now four months old and our name hasn’t come up yet). Finding a good nanny is tough too. We found ours because she was a friend’s nanny. She’s awesome and she was with them for about four years. Great reference, but if I have to hear one more time about how great the previous parents were, or her singing about their child to my child, “Where is Jakey? When is Jakey coming to visit us?” I may go Charlie Sheen on her ass.

No matter what you choose, I can guarantee you will questions your decision, but be strong. Whatever your choice, you’re child will still benefit more from the few hours you spend together daily and the love that surrounds him or her at home than any time spent with nannies or teachers.

I walked into a trash can this weekend

Leaving Target, carrying the diaper genie elite in the box, I was reading the description and walked right into a trash can. Just one more misstep in the trials and tribulations of diaper disposal. When we found out we were expecting I asked around about the best way to dispose of diapers and from most people I heard that putting the diapers in a regular trash can and then tossing the bag daily outside is sufficient. So, I returned the diaper genie elite that we had registered for, along with all the special bags (which was the big downfall of the genie I heard) and bought the diaper pail instead. It takes regular bags but has a little piece that turns over so you don’t see the diapers.

Baby arrived and we started off with the diaper pail. Problem was you put the diaper in the top and turn the handle and you get poo on internal pieces that are impossible to wash. Howevere, in trying you put wipes in the top and find out that wipes get stuck somewhere in between and you have to pull them out, getting poo on your hands. So, the diaper pail went out the window.
Diaper Pail rating: Nissan Murano

We moved on to a large step trash can. After about 3 weeks of emptying it daily we noticed the smell remains and you see the pooy diapers every time you open it. So, the trash can went out the window.
Trash Can: Ford Focus

We moved on to the diaper genie. It was pricey so I chose the diaper genie II, rather than the  elite to save $10. It was good for lack of smell, but you have to open the lid (one hand opening, one hand holding baby on table, one hand holding diaper… wait that won’t work) and you have to push the diaper into the disposal by hand. Just one day with a baby will tell you that newborn poo gets everywhere. EVERYWHERE. Somehow you have it on both hands, up the wall, on your shirt and almost always on baby’s foot. Do you really want to be pushing it through a small opening by hand? So, the diaper genie II went out the window.
Diaper Genie II: Cadillac Escalade

We have worked our way from bottom to top. The Diaper Genie Elite has a step, is tall enough that I don’t have to bend down (I’m not lazy, I just want to be on the same level as my baby on the changing table) and has a mouth opening that opens each time I step on the step. Bingo. No smell, no touching or pushing poo, no residual poo on the receptacle.
Diaper Genie Elite: Aston Martin DB7

So, if you are looking to save money, don’t do what I did and avoid the special diaper bags. I spent approx $25 on each that did not work out and $30 on the Diaper Elite. $60 down the drain to save money.

Back at work after maternity leave

It’s weird to be back, but I’ll say this – it’s a lot easier than being at home and rushing around all day. I can eat whenever I want, pee whenever I want. Only thing was I cannot do is see my boy whenever I want and that sucks.

The thing I thought would be most difficult was picking up the work and getting into the groove, but I was wrong. That was surprisingly easy. I went through my emails and found what still needed to be done, started approving things immediately and felt right as rain. The hardest part was leaving the house. Waking up at 6, feeding JT, changing JT, pumping, getting hair  and makeup done, packing a lunch, eating breakfast, dressing and now I’m late for work! I got home at 6 and put my son to bed at 8, so he got to see me for 2 hours. That sucks!!

Nine months of yuck followed by 18 hours of hell for 2 hours a day!