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Lenny and Jodie come for a visit – good dream!

Lenny KravitzSo, this was a sexy sexy dream. Lenny Kravitz and Jodie Foster (cute Jodie Foster, not short haired butch Jodie Foster) came for a “visit.” This whole dream felt like a late 1980s video, with black and white snippets instead of a complete dream.

This dream came in week 9 and was an awesome dream!

Cats and dogs living together – bad dream

I dreamed that my husband and I were in the Bahamas, where my folks live, except it wasn’t really there, it was more like a hot version of 1800s Sweeney Todd style London. Lots of people with huge machete style knives chasing the cats that were running everywhere. They often caught them and were slaughtering them. In addition dogs were chasing the cats and I could hear the flesh being ripped off their bodies.

Very very nasty dream.