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Nine months on, nine months off.

So, I have ten pounds left of pregnancy weight. I can’t call it baby weight because it wasn’t. More like salt and vinegar chips weight.I have nine weeks left before Little Man is nine months, so… (drum roll) it’s time for the TEN POUND TAKEDOWN!!

Here’s the ten pound take down plan:
1. Exercise.
Ugh. Time to get the running shoes back on, no more excuses. I ran .75 miles yesterday and I think my lungs were displaced. Nevertheless, I gotta do it. I want to look like this chick. I’m more likely to look like this chick, but that’ll have to do! Running, yoga and plyometrics are the plan.

2. Eat right.
This is how I got rid of the other extra ten pounds (“extra” meaning the weight that didn’t automatically drop off after baby was born, aka “baby weight”). I bought this book and LOVE IT! It’s so easy, the recipes are DEElicious and easy to make. We honestly cooked from it for three weeks straight.
Eat Right #2
For two weeks after Memorial Day, I will be doing the caveman diet. It’s no crazy diet (I don’t think those work). It’s a basic detox style diet. Only meat, fruit, vegetables and legumes allowed. No bread, rice, pasta, ice cream, chips… LIQUOR!!

Starting Weight: 135.
Goal: 125.


Holy smokes my life is changing!

  • The baby, you know the one I had 7 months ago? Is trying to walk, talk and crawl all at the same time.
  • We’re moving. We hope. We put an offer on a house, but it’s in short sale. Which apparently means that no one is paying the bills and the bank isn’t too bothered about it.
  • I’m quitting. After 5 years, I’m quitting. So much I could say. So much I won’t.
  • I’m starting my own business. So happy, kinda nervous.

I’ve been going through a lot physically. I won’t go into too much detail, but my downstairs is still mad at me for the baby. Nightmare! And that’s my only excuse for still having that last 10 pounds. You know how they say, “Nine months on, nine months off?” That gives me only nine weeks to dump that last ten. So, it’s on like donkey kong. Running, yoga and plyometrics here I come.