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Charley Horses

In England we call these cramps. In pregnancy you call them the nighttime miseries! In the middle of the night I sometimes get a charley horse in my leg. According to

“If you’ve ever had a “charley horse,” then you’re already familiar with the kind of leg pain that many women encounter during pregnancy. No one is entirely sure why these sharp, lower-leg cramps crop up during the second and third trimesters; doctors theorize that it may have to do with the pressure of the uterus on certain nerves, fatigue, or decreased circulation in your legs from the pressure of the baby on blood vessels. In any case, you may be awakened with sudden painful spasms in your calf muscles (they most often occur at night). They aren’t fun, but they’re not usually cause for concern, either, unless they persist and are severe, in which case you should tell your healthcare provider.”

I seem to get them more often when I haven’t been drinking enough water, but maybe that’s just me. I have heard that wheatgerm lessens the frequency, but the cure is simply to stand up. It seems once the blood flows back to the area, you’re good to go… back to sleep.

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Maternity Clothes

Undies from Blooming Marvellous

Well, I’m back home after a week of schlepping around the UK. Parts were fun, parts were sad and parts were just exhausting. But one part that was wonderful – maternity shopping in the UK. They have clothes that real women would wear. And underwear that looks cute and not like something aging ladies over 65 might prefer for “comfort’s sake.”

First we went to Harrods where everything was inevitably outrageously expensive, but gorgeous. Then, we were in the adorable town of Marlowe about 20 minutes outside of London (20 mins drive from zone 5) and I found a little boutique called Blooming Marvellous ( where the clothes don’t have massive elasticated waistbands, but small, more hidden waistbands and buttons inside so that only at 15 weeks they actually stay up.

The bras and knickers were adorable. Cute, comfortable and even sexy – can you imagine! A woman in my condition actually feeling sexy – deliciously scandalous! They swear by non under wired there for pregnancy, which makes sense to me.

And here was the ultimate kicker – I caught a few men there checking me out. I was wearing tshirts (the weather was lovely) and you could see what looks like my beer gut and yet, men still thought I was worthy! All this and 6-month maternity leave with pay. So, if you’re feeling frumpy or uncomfortable, may I suggest a little hop skip and a jump across the pond for you?