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Back at work after maternity leave

It’s weird to be back, but I’ll say this – it’s a lot easier than being at home and rushing around all day. I can eat whenever I want, pee whenever I want. Only thing was I cannot do is see my boy whenever I want and that sucks.

The thing I thought would be most difficult was picking up the work and getting into the groove, but I was wrong. That was surprisingly easy. I went through my emails and found what still needed to be done, started approving things immediately and felt right as rain. The hardest part was leaving the house. Waking up at 6, feeding JT, changing JT, pumping, getting hair¬† and makeup done, packing a lunch, eating breakfast, dressing and now I’m late for work! I got home at 6 and put my son to bed at 8, so he got to see me for 2 hours. That sucks!!

Nine months of yuck followed by 18 hours of hell for 2 hours a day!



Enjoying the momemt

The other day I was feeding my son while checking emails in my phone and I looked down to see him smiling at me. I wondered how long he had been staring at me like that and I thought it was sad that I’d been too “busy” to notice.
Tonight, as my maternity leave is ending, I’m sorry I missed out on that moment.

It’s 5 o’clock in the morning. I’m so sick of yawning

5 am and the fourth feeding of the night is complete. the boy is sleeping soundly, the dog has completely reverted to wild times and is running full boar around the garden barking intermittently and I am wondering why I didn’t join the realms of idiots that hit black Friday shopping this morning. After all, I’m awake.

My days now consist of feeding, clothing and keeping my little boy happy with short bursts of him sleeping when I run around like a lunatic doing laundry, folding laundry, pumping, dressing myself, eating (it took me 2 hours to eat half a bagel yesterday) and packing the diaper bag, the pump and anything else we might need to go to the grocery store! It takes at least half an hour to leave the house at any given time (second excursion was about 20 minutes away, I got fifteen minutes out with JT screaming from 5 minutes out when I realized I should pull over and try a bottle – for him not me, although…¬† – only to find I forgot the bottles and had to drive home again. By the time we got home he was sleeping soundly).