Save money on kid’s shoes

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I finally figured it out: how to save money on shoes that a) get worn out in a matter of weeks by being left in the rain, shoved on without undoing laces, thrown in and out of rooms and massive amounts of puddle jumping. The big solution is one simple word, a word my daughter mastered somewhere around the time she learned what “eyes” are. What’s that word?

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The Sun is Shining, the Weather is SWEET! It’s ZOKU time!

I’m so far behind on posts and I have so much to talk about, but I’m going to step away from the drama of the last few weeks of pregnancy and the sadness of losing a dear friend to be happy for the season.

It’s spring. In usually sweltering hot Florida, April is the yummiest month of the year. The sun heats up the pool but not so much that you can only lay like a beached whale. Babies run around naked in the backyard and sit in sandboxes (the boys at least, I would think girls should wear some kind of sand/privates protector, but I guess I’ll find out soon enough!)

My first attempt at Zoku pops: Peach Fudgies. Not too shabby, eh?

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Big Boy Bed

Little Man moved to his big boy bed this weekend. Click here to read how it went