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Day 1: weight loss



Pregnancy weight in photos

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6 weeks is tomorrow

Me, right before being induced

6 weeks old!!! 6 weeks is the first massive milestone – you can start the baby on a schedule and you’re cleared (hopefully) to work out and have nookie with your hubby (some people may think the two are the same thing). And so begins the big haul to unload the other 20 pounds.

I put on a total of 44 pounds. In the first 48 hours after giving birth I lost a total of 0 pounds. 0!!! I gave birth to an 8pound, 1 ounce baby and lost no weight. So I actually gained 8lbs, 1 oz during childbirth. In the three days after leaving the hospital, I lost 20 pounds. And then nothing again. I still have 20 to go. So, starting tomorrow, I begin my workout regimen, starting with running.