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Ikea – land of cheap necessities

Ikea rocks for kids. Ok, that’s not exactly true. If you take your child to Ikea, you are asking for a disaster in the form of losing said child, a hissy fit over toys or meatball mayhem. However, if you leave your child at home and go on child’s behalf – you’ll be the happiest clam in town! Target sells fitted crib sheets (circo) for $7.99 – not too bad right? Ikea sells 2 for $8.99.

Some other goodies to get there ( click the image for more details):

Ikea Burp Cloths - $3.99 for 2.

Ikea curtains (BARNSLIG RANDIG) - $19.99

Ikea Hooded towel

Hooded Towel (FABLER KANIN) -$9.99

Ikea socks for children

Socks for children, not babies (PATRULL) - $3.99

Ikea safety babyproofing

Babyproofing equipment - various prices

Ikea sippy cups

Sippy cups, kids plates, spoons, knives and forks.

Ikea baby bib

Baby Bibs - 5 for $3.99

Tricks for Tuesday: Swaddling your baby

So apparently babies are pretty happy in the womb. I can’t imagine why they wouldn’t be: wrapped up all cozy, fed regularly, toasty and warm, get to listen to music and other people’s conversations… and when they come out, they cry. They cry because they’re cold, they have no control over their limbs and (in my humble opinion), people stop talking about interesting things around them and make stupid noises instead.

So, how do you make your baby happy once it’s born? Well, according to the good folks at Happiest Baby on the Block amongst other various experts, one way would be to wrap the baby up nice and tight so that it doesn’t freak itself out in the middle of the night by flailing limbs (which probably feels like that falling feeling). There are products on the market, like the kiddopotamus swaddle me that is mostly set up for you to swaddle your baby, but that’s like cheating (it’s LIKE cheating, it’s not actually cheating) and besides, those of us in hot climates might have a tough time with a thick swaddle blanket if you’re supposed to keep house temperature at 68 – 72 degrees. So, my favorite swaddle is a muslin blanket shape made by Aden + Anais. It’s cute, airy and light and the video link here shows you exactly how to use it to swaddle your baby:

The difference between men and women, or “You said you’ll get it done, but when?”

Pregnancy can be an unnerving time for a couple because it outlines, double underlnes, highlights and capitalizes the fundamental differences between the genders’ instinctual processes. That sounds so much more scientific than it really is. Basically, when a woman finds out she’s pregnant, at some point, she starts nesting. She wants to buy baby clothes, wash them, smell them and put them away in their perfect little dresser, in the perfect little nursery with mobiles and a theme and a glider/ rocker. Men on the other hand cannot understand why their wives are spending hundreds of dollars on clothes and days without end on painting and laundry for a child that isn’t due for another 6 months.

There will be an argument. Several weeks of nagging that starts, “Can you please take care of the baby proofing?” will turn into, “When are you going to look into getting the baby proofing stuff?” and finally, “You don’t give a S**T if this baby sticks his tongue in the G*D*M* socket and fries his brain do you? Why don’t you give a crap about us?” And somehow that inevitably leads to bringing up the time he sided with his mother in an argument or where he was 2 and a half years ago at midnight when you called and he didn’t answer.

Here’s the thing – women are generally (and I say generally because I’m leading to a stereotype) more empathetic and maybe even more imaginative than men. So, they can imagine what life will be like post baby, they feel like they already know the child and often imagine themselves holding their baby on their chest, rocking them in the chair, singing them to sleep. Women want to create the perfect environment for their perfect baby right now. Men realize there’s a child coming, are usually excited about it and they might even be extremely nervous about providing for this child, making sure he can go to Harvard Law when the time is right. They don’t, however, imagine what it feels like to have a baby on your chest, with both hearts beating side by side or think about how perfect you’ll all look walking down the street with your Peg Perego stroller and golden retriever.

So, it’s inevitable that when your non golden retriever eats the baby diaper you set up (six months before the baby is due) on the perfect little changing table (that took 2 months of “persuasion” to get put together) and your husband laughs, that an argument will ensue. But, take it all with a grain of salt. More than likely it was love for each other that got you to this point in the first place; once the baby comes, he or she will be perfect, but never in the way you expect and whether it’s the moment for your husband with baby sleeping on his chest, hearts beating next to each other when he realizes that his heart might explode with love or that time when you enter your perfect little nursery to find baby, cot and wall smeared in poop and you can’t help but laugh at the messy wreckage of your own life with baby, you’ll both get to the same point in your own time. And then you’ll live happily ever after… until high school.