Books we love

These are the books we own, with my own opinions of them. Feel free to add yours too!

Brown Bear, Brown Bear: Eric Carlisle
Wildly popular, but I’m not a fan – I feel like I could have written this one. And the pictures make me feel like I dropped acid.
Guess How Much I Love You
Pretty Cute, seems like a standard book here in the US
Goodnight Moon
Come On! Just because you had this when you were a child, doesn’t mean it’s good. “Goodnight Mush”???? That’s a bowl of half eaten “mush.” What kind of lesson is that for a child? Disgusting!

2 responses to “Books we love

  1. HI there! I ran across your question on a book club blog from a few years ago, about bingo cards to go with a book club meeting for “The sweetness at the bottom of the pie”. Did you every make your own version? WOULD YOU MIND SHARING? Our book club is doing this book now and this would be a great game!

    • Oh I loved that book! I did end up doing the theme for the book club but I didn’t do the bingo cards. When is your book club?

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