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Save money on kid’s shoes

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I finally figured it out: how to save money on shoes that a) get worn out in a matter of weeks by being left in the rain, shoved on without undoing laces, thrown in and out of rooms and massive amounts of puddle jumping. The big solution is one simple word, a word my daughter mastered somewhere around the time she learned what “eyes” are. What’s that word?

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Why am I watching The Bachelor?

I’m proud to say that I don’t normally watch this show, but I just turned over and caught the Bachelor, Ben as he told one of the girls (I think we’re on week 3, so most are still here), that she’s the best kisser in the house. Apparently being the best of all the girls he’s kissed is a HUGE compliment.

Excuse me cute girl who thinks her best shot at love never ending is as part of a televised harem? Did you not hear him? He’s kissed all the girls!! You are just one of the many girls he’s kissed in the last few days… how is that good enough for you?

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Yet another reason to have a dog.

Last night was rough.

We’ve moved into the new house, but Little Man can’t stay there during the day because, until yesterday, the paint was still wet and all of our worldly possessions are stacked in the middle of each room. So, every day we drop him off at our nanny’s house and pick him up at day’s end. All fine, except our nanny lives an hour away, sometimes more as traffic during rush hour is always going with you.

So, last night I left work at 4:45, got to her house at 5:20 (amazing time), packed him up and set off again at 5:45. He hates the car seat now so he goes stiff as a board when you try to put him in it and starts screaming. Last night he alternated screaming and whining for an hour in the car. I was so frazzled when we got home; I called Mike to vent but just ended up being nasty to him out of frustration (he was at the old house trying to empty the fridge).

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