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Do you see 'em? Two little lumps on the bottom.

Our little boy started teething about three minutes after we found the stubs in his mouth!

Teething. What does that entail? Sleep issues (meaning he went from sleeping from 8pm to 7am to waking up every hour and a half), eating issues (going from 8 ounces to 2), stomach issues (throwing up carrots), pain (our guy is a happy lucky boy, but now he cries and whines and kicks) and chin rashes from drooling.

And now… some simple solutions. Some days they work, some days they don’t.
Cold washcloths (not frozen and not too wet)
Teething rings with a spot that doesn’t freeze so you and baby can hold it
More naps (this will actually help them to sleep at night)
Soothing music – this can help calm him down
A mirror – for some reason, this calms him down too!