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Know when to hold ’em, know when to fold ’em


I watched Parenthood last night. I’m really starting to like that show. Weird, how your tastes change to fit your lifestyle (I also read Redbook now, not Glamour anymore!). The characters on there are each coming to terms with their own struggles and as one sister fights to keep her teenage daughter close, her brother loses his job and finds out his wife is pregnant on the same day.

Know when to hold ’em, know when to fold ’em.
Sometimes as you go through life, while you struggle to be in control, you simply cannot. At these times, you have to let go and watch where life takes you.

My son turned six months today, I am starting my own business and we’re looking at buying a house that may be the tightest of stretches for us. All of this added together with the day to day life of a new family and the hormones of a new mother is too much for me to handle. This week, I’m folding, I’ll lean back and watch. Some of the chips will land where they will and as they do, the path will clear for me to control the others.


You know you’re a mom when…

Apparently I got old somewhere along the way. I didn’t notice it until it was pointed out to me by my coworker that keeps saying things like, “Wow, I was the youngest person on Jury Duty. Everyone else was old – I think the next eldest person was in their 30s.”

It bugged me to start with, but now I’ve decided to embrace it. So, in the spirit of getting older I feel I am allowed to start using parent terms without incrimination. I will start saying “wireless” meaning radio not cell phones and I will point out the ridiculous youth of today.

Prime example: What the hell is up with models these days? Check out the girl in the center from ShopBop.com:

Model posing, youth of today

This dress is like so heavy

What’s up with her? Is she so skinny she can’t hold herself up? Or is she just sick of modeling? Either way, I don’t want to spend $348.00 to wear this clearly heavy dress. Do you think it’s made of pink lacy chain mail? Can you imagine yourself like this at a party? I would think people would get awfully tired of me sighing. And I would spill my drink all over the carpet while shrugging off questions like, “Why are you standing like that?” and “Are you suffering from polio?”

You know you’re a mom when you want to tell high earning models to stand up straight.

OMG Sophie the Giraffe is in trouble!

This may, or may not, have arrived in the mail.


Photo Friday: 3 months!

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It’s 5 o’clock in the morning. I’m so sick of yawning

5 am and the fourth feeding of the night is complete. the boy is sleeping soundly, the dog has completely reverted to wild times and is running full boar around the garden barking intermittently and I am wondering why I didn’t join the realms of idiots that hit black Friday shopping this morning. After all, I’m awake.

My days now consist of feeding, clothing and keeping my little boy happy with short bursts of him sleeping when I run around like a lunatic doing laundry, folding laundry, pumping, dressing myself, eating (it took me 2 hours to eat half a bagel yesterday) and packing the diaper bag, the pump and anything else we might need to go to the grocery store! It takes at least half an hour to leave the house at any given time (second excursion was about 20 minutes away, I got fifteen minutes out with JT screaming from 5 minutes out when I realized I should pull over and try a bottle – for him not me, although…  – only to find I forgot the bottles and had to drive home again. By the time we got home he was sleeping soundly).

I experienced birth – kind of

So yesterday I was in the hospital getting a non stress test (twice weekly now I get electrodes stuck to the tummy to monitor the boy while I watch Ellen) and it just so happened that my OB was in the next room delivering a baby. Actually crowning through delivery. It was so cool! The mom made some pretty decent grunts, there was about 1 minute or 2 between the big pushes and they were all counting (she had dad and grandma, 1 or 2 nurses, and doctor) to ten and they all clapped as the head came out and then as the whole kit and kaboodle followed. It was like a movie, except the baby cried for a while. I was like, ok kid, be cute now. And the grandma had too much to say (she was ruining my moment). And, after, things happened pretty fast. Like they weighed him, they took photos of him being weighed and then they took him off to the nursery and they were making the mom stand up. I was only there for 45 minutes! I thought there would be more alone, serene time right there and then. Nope, it’s all bidness!

I was having a lot of contractions yesterday – I was hoping they would be leading up to something, but haven’t had one yet today. 😦

Words of advice: wear sunscreen and bug spray

When the skin on your tummy stretches out, it gets really itchy.
Make sure you wear sunscreen because scratching burned thin skin would be very painful. Same goes for bug spray – I have a bug bit on my underbelly and it’s killing me. I can’t see it but it itches like crazy. I don’t want to scratch and make my skin even more raw than it already is.