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Week 33 going on 34: This body aint big enough for the two of us.

Holy smokes I am uncomfortable!
Friday night I get home and look at my feet and I look like I have elephantitis (look it up, it’s worth it). I had no ankles, I was like a four year old’s drawing of me. So I lay on my back and put my feet up. Until the acid reflux and back pain started. The swelling did go down – I have somewhat normal legs now – and I sedated myself for the rest of the evening with the comedic flop that is Couples Retreat.
That movie was so crappy, I stayed sedated until Sunday morning, when I woke up with the realization that somebody had managed to stab me in the lower right area of my back and crack open my pelvis. I tried standing up, I tried crying but couldn’t lose the pain. We’re talking searing pain. Then I got on all fours (thank you birthing class) to see if I needed to move the baby. Sure enough, he shifted and relief! So I rewarded myself by crying for the next 2 hours while watching The Time Traveler’s Wife (you have to read the book first). Sedated until Monday at 4 a.m. when my bladder woke me up, my stomach kept me up and the baby kicked me swiftly in the vagina.
Good times!