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Know when to hold ’em, know when to fold ’em


I watched Parenthood last night. I’m really starting to like that show. Weird, how your tastes change to fit your lifestyle (I also read Redbook now, not Glamour anymore!). The characters on there are each coming to terms with their own struggles and as one sister fights to keep her teenage daughter close, her brother loses his job and finds out his wife is pregnant on the same day.

Know when to hold ’em, know when to fold ’em.
Sometimes as you go through life, while you struggle to be in control, you simply cannot. At these times, you have to let go and watch where life takes you.

My son turned six months today, I am starting my own business and we’re looking at buying a house that may be the tightest of stretches for us. All of this added together with the day to day life of a new family and the hormones of a new mother is too much for me to handle. This week, I’m folding, I’ll lean back and watch. Some of the chips will land where they will and as they do, the path will clear for me to control the others.


You know you’re a mom when…

Apparently I got old somewhere along the way. I didn’t notice it until it was pointed out to me by my coworker that keeps saying things like, “Wow, I was the youngest person on Jury Duty. Everyone else was old – I think the next eldest person was in their 30s.”

It bugged me to start with, but now I’ve decided to embrace it. So, in the spirit of getting older I feel I am allowed to start using parent terms without incrimination. I will start saying “wireless” meaning radio not cell phones and I will point out the ridiculous youth of today.

Prime example: What the hell is up with models these days? Check out the girl in the center from ShopBop.com:

Model posing, youth of today

This dress is like so heavy

What’s up with her? Is she so skinny she can’t hold herself up? Or is she just sick of modeling? Either way, I don’t want to spend $348.00 to wear this clearly heavy dress. Do you think it’s made of pink lacy chain mail? Can you imagine yourself like this at a party? I would think people would get awfully tired of me sighing. And I would spill my drink all over the carpet while shrugging off questions like, “Why are you standing like that?” and “Are you suffering from polio?”

You know you’re a mom when you want to tell high earning models to stand up straight.

Childless Friends

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

I have some friends that have no interest in having children now or in the future. No problem say I – we can still be friends. But can we?

Turns out it’s not as easy to remain friends when you have such a huge difference between you. On the surface, this just means that you don’t talk to each other about children, you just go out to dinner and act out your old life, prechild right? Sure. It’s possible to not talk about the one thing that occupies 50% of your brain at any given moment, the thing that keeps you awake at night, the things that runs your schedule. At least for a couple hours. Except, you have to get a babysitter to go out. So, scheduling that dinner is not as easy as it used to be. But they’re understanding right?

Well… not as much as you might have thought. One friend told me when I was pregnant he was quite sure I wasn’t going to be “one of those people that posted about my baby on Facebook.” This was a relief to him. Apparently the info I share on Facebook should pertain to the mass audience. So, I made a “no baby updates group” on Facebook, but it rubbed me the wrong way that he wouldn’t want to know about this part of my life.

After I had Little Man, I was surprised at the lack of interest of another friend. First time we ran into him at an event, he didn’t mention the child strapped via
Baby Bjorn to my front. Acted like he wasn’t even there. In the last four months that same friend has continued his strange comments and lack of regard for our child. Today he referred to my son as an “expelled parasite.”

I know that folks that choose to not have children hear a lot of complaints from friends and family hoping to persuade them, which is annoying. If you don’t want children, don’t have ’em. Having children is like getting a tattoo on your face – you’ll never be able to go back so you’d better be committed. I have learned that you should never tell someone how to raise their child, your opinion on having a child when they don’t ask for my opinion, or that they shouldn’t have cut their hair off once it’s done. But on the flip side, if you aren’t having kids,
try to think of the most important thing in your life – something that relies entirely on you for survival – your dog, your business, your hamster, whatever. Multiply your thoughts and feelings, fears and hopes for this thing by a million and that’s close to how a parent feels about their child. It’s a completely unconditional love, the strongest feeling you will ever experience. I would give
up my life for my child.

When my husband and I were planning to get pregnant we would talk a lot about how our child wouldn’t rule our life. We vowed that we would stay close with friends that had no children now or in their hopeful future. We never considered the fact that those friends may not be having the same


OMG Sophie the Giraffe is in trouble!

This may, or may not, have arrived in the mail.


Before and After: 8 weeks in vs. 8 weeks left

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How to Save the World without Washing Diapers

I decided pretty early on that I wanted to do cotton diapering when I found out that diapers last at least 500 years in landfills (see my previous post), so I visited a cotton diapering store in St Louis while we were there to see how it was done. I took my mother in law. I walked out completely confused and she walked out thinking I was a looney tune. There were so many different versions of cotton diapers and all of them entailed wet pails and soaking of poopy diapers. I love the earth and all, but my gag reflex is stronger than superman (or weaker? Point is, I gag at poo.)

I did some research and found gdiapers. These are cotton diapers that do not entail washing of poo filled diapers (I’m sure there are some accidents and some leaks just like with disposables). Basically, they are these cute little diapers that you put a disposable insert into; when poo happens you can throw away the insert or… get this… FLUSH it!! They are biodegradable (you could even use them in compost if you were crazy like that!), they break down in just a matter of weeks and actually provide nutrients to the earth that help rather than hinder the world! Even the outer layer that you don’t toss is biodegradable. Here is a video from the nice folks at gdiapers showing exactly how their products break down. I can’t vouch for their use (I’m gonna feel like an idiot if they turn out to be terrible after all of these blogs!) quite yet, although they did fit the teddy bear very well when we tested, but the cat wouldn’t sit still long enough. I plan on giving cotton diapering a try and so did these celebs.

If you have any questions about gdiapers or cotton diapers in general, shoot me a message and I’ll do my best to find the answer for you.

Upcoming posts on this subject will include:
How to use gdiapers.
Cost analysis of gdiapers vs. disposables.
How to get ’em cheaper.

The world’s most annoying mother: Gisele Bundchen

Gisele Bundchen is leading the poll of celebrities that irritate me the most. This is quite an accomplishment if you consider the world with Nancy Grace, Al Roker and Sarah Palin; however, the model has managed to get to the top of the list and stay there thanks to her belief that everyone needs to be like her.

She recently stated that it should be law for mothers to breastfeed. “I think breastfeeding really helped (me keep me figure). Some people here (in the US) think they don’t have to breastfeed, and I think ‘Are you going to give chemical food to your child when they are so little?’ I think there should be a worldwide law, in my opinion, that mothers should breastfeed their babies for six months.” Thank you Gisele; perhaps when requirements of a world leader include walking on a runway, we should take your advice to heart. Until then, how about we all do the best we can on an individual basis to raise healthy, well adjusted children?

According to her blog,  “Being committed to building a family, becoming a mother and raising a child with love and awareness is for me, the single biggest responsibility a woman could have.” I’m sure Bridget Moynahan thought the same thing when she was pregnant, right up until the moment Tom Brady left the heavily pregnant Moynahan for Gisele.

Gisele couldn’t just be satisfied to steal somebody else’s man, she had to grab all she could. In Vanity Fair, she claimed Moynahan’s son as “100% her child,” a comment that I’m sure thrilled his 100% mother. Who wouldn’t want their child to be claimed by a world-leading supermodel? I’m sure Bridget is grateful that her child is thrust into the public spotlight time and time again!

Ok, my rant is over!