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Know when to hold ’em, know when to fold ’em


I watched Parenthood last night. I’m really starting to like that show. Weird, how your tastes change to fit your lifestyle (I also read Redbook now, not Glamour anymore!). The characters on there are each coming to terms with their own struggles and as one sister fights to keep her teenage daughter close, her brother loses his job and finds out his wife is pregnant on the same day.

Know when to hold ’em, know when to fold ’em.
Sometimes as you go through life, while you struggle to be in control, you simply cannot. At these times, you have to let go and watch where life takes you.

My son turned six months today, I am starting my own business and we’re looking at buying a house that may be the tightest of stretches for us. All of this added together with the day to day life of a new family and the hormones of a new mother is too much for me to handle. This week, I’m folding, I’ll lean back and watch. Some of the chips will land where they will and as they do, the path will clear for me to control the others.


Joke’s on you Sophie the giraffe! (but, if you’re reading this, we still want you home)


Postcard from the edge (of where?)

So, listen Sophie the giraffe. When I was a little girl I used to “run away” when I was unhappy. I would shout something dramatic like, “THAT’S IT!!,” slam the back door of our house and stomp down the driveway, only stopping to look behind me to make sure someone was watching. They were obviously out of sight, so I held my head up high and continued my march. I would get to the road in front of our house and sneak down to hide under the bush. Honestly, Sophie, I was too scared of strangers to go any further and running away wasn’t my real motivation. But I think you know that already.

I would sit under that bush imagining my mother crying wretchedly, howling, “Oh if only I had given her a Barbie instead of Sindy, the English knock off. Maybe she would still be here.” The police would come, the whole town would start lamenting how great I am… until I stroll out only to be covered in hugs and kisses, carnivals would be thrown in my honor and Barbies would rain from the sky. However, after about six or eight minutes, I couldn’t hear the sirens so I’d wander out and see no one. A little further and still no one. Finally, I’d walk back into the house and realize that no one had even noticed I was gone. My point in this fascinating, if not lengthy, story Sophie, is that life goes on.

So, if you happen to be hiding behind little man’s bed (*note to self: check behind bed) thinking, “Oh, they miss me so much,” you may be surprised to find out that maybe we don’t.

And if giraffes understand irony, I apologize. I realize that in writing a blog about your missing status, I might be showing that we do actually miss you, but…  umm… ok, I have no explanation.

Oh, just come home or crawl out from behind the bed please. I’ll look into giraffe carnivals for you.

Doctor Overload

Two months left to go!

Things I’m excited about: having my body to myself (bar the whole breastfeeding every hour or two – I’m happy in denial, leave me alone!), exercising (yes, you can hate me for saying that, I’ll hate myself about a month after the birth), sleeping on my stomach (see the comment following my first point), climbing on furniture without my husband freaking out, squatting and not getting stuck down there, sitting up without groaning, laying on my back without fear of harming the baby, sushi, sushi, sushi and a margarita (yes, yes, I know about the limitations of breastfeeding and drinking. Let me just state for the record, I will be good and you’re not my mother.) Oh, and meeting, holding and loving my little fella.

Things I’m not excited about: giving birth, the bodily byproducts of birth (holy crap man – you want to put an end to teen pregnancy, tell ’em about this part!), the flabby, doughy stomach post birth, the hair falling out, the extreme highs and lows of hormones getting realigned ( a couple friends introduced anti-depressants to their diet shortly after birth!), people’s “advice” (must get more used to saying “you’re not my mother”), did I mention the byproducts (whew, this is a nasty trick of mother nature).

And finally, the doctor’s visits. Yeah, I don’t know which category this fits in either. I guess I’m just sick of doctor’s visits and the guilt that any working woman feels taking the time out of the day. This month I have four, next month (my last month) I believe I am looking at around six. That’s a half hour for the visit, half hour for signing in and checking out and about an hour of waiting. Plus half an hour driving there and back. That’s just a check up, ultrasounds are a full four hour business at least. At least after the birth I will have the time off already to make these appointments. As it is now, I have to work that extra time at night to keep up with work and to not break into time that should be used for maternity leave.

Some suggestions:

Make the appointment at the same day and time every time. This way it’s easier to manage workload.

Get the very first appointment or the very last appointment of the day.

Have a smart phone (preferably an iphone, but that’s just me!)

Baby wipes

Kandoo wipes

This blog post was so shocking (and well written) that I had to report it here. Please visit MommyPie’s regular blog to read more about her wonderful family.

Piece of Crap: Kandoo ‘Flushable’ Wipes

And this week’s craptastic award goes to … (drum role please)

Kandoo “Flushable” Wipes (or any baby/toddler wipe that claims to be flushable, for that matter).

Seriously. Can it get more accurate than that?

Ankle deep into the potty training years, I thought these lovely little inventions were a Godsend. I’ve been happily flushing away for nearly two years now. (As MaggiePie is fond of saying … oh, silly woman.)

A few months ago, a sudden overwhelming stench and rapidly growing pool of filth — seeping, seemingly from the depths of Hell (located conveniently just outside my back door, btw) — propelled me to the yellow pages. Later that afternoon, I watched as my new sulphur spring exploded. Five hundred dollars and mounds of dirt later, I was told this was, in fact, not the handiwork of the Devil, but of … Kandoo.

“Do you have a young child in the house?”

“Yeeesss …”




I watched in horror as my plumber surfaced with huge wads of what looked like dirty rags.

“But the package says they’re flushable!” (Silly, silly woman.)

“I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen this. I dig up at least one system per week that’s plugged with these things. It’s unbelievable.”

(Note to reader: Keep in mind, I live in a relatively small town, and one a week for one plumber is A LOT.)

“But the package says they’re FLUSHABLE.”

“Anything’s technically flushable. Gravel is flushable. I can’t believe these things are still on the market.”

I’m sorry … WTF??!?

The long and short of it (according to my plumber) is, “flushable” does not necessarily mean biodegradable, although marketing efforts clearly lead the consumer to believe otherwise. Lesson learned.

After a little research, it seems this is happening all over the place – and not just in the U.S. Here’s some info I wish I would’ve had two years ago (these are just a few of the top Google links):

Motive Grounds
Mommysavers Forums
Amazon Reviews
That Hideous Man

There’s almost nothing I hate more than to be made a fool of. All things considered, I pride myself on being a reasonably intelligent person, and I was duped. Yes, MommyPie’s more than a little pissed off. So, in appreciation, Kandoo, let me be the first to congratulate you on becoming the first product to earn my very personal Piece of Crap Award.

Stay tuned for more turds in the punchbowl, Gentle Reader …

Cloth diapers – one small step for baby, one giant leap for sanitation.

How cute is my little gbum!

I’ve been doing more research than is probably healthy on cloth diapers lately. I’m not super eco-mum so I’m not sure why this one gets me, but I found out that disposable diapers live for over 500 years in landfills. Something about that bothers me – Columbus sailed the ocean blue 560 years ago. If his mother had used diapers, it’s feasible they’d still be around! So, there’s that and then there is how cute the cloth diapers are now and how easy it all is now too and finally, there’s the cost. I spent $150 on all the diapers I should need from birth to 14 pounds, which is probably not that long, but disposable diapers come in much smaller increments so you’ll be switching a lot more often. A box of 50 pampers is $10. At a rate of 12 diapers a day, you’ll be buying them every 4 days. Blah blah blah… it’s cost worthy in the long run to go green, but more of an investment up front.

So, I’m going with gdiapers. I’ll let you know how it all goes!

First Father’s Day

Father to be Card

Our first semi father’s day was a hit. On Friday, my husband felt his first kick, on Saturday he received a card from his first soon-to-be-born and on Sunday the baby and I cooked breakfast for my husband.

I have to tell you about a great find – hallmark.com. You can buy cards there for the same cost as in the store (about $3.50) and personalize them and mail them at no extra cost. Did you catch that? No additional cost for postage or personalization?
They have every card you could possibly imagine – father’s day for a soon to be dad, adoption cards,congrats on your new pet, pretty much anything you can imagine. My husband was super impressed when he received a card with a picture of his own baby in the mail – it was really cute.

22 weeks

21 week belly

I’m sorry I haven’t written for a while. Things have changed a lot. I’m visibly pregnant now and my attitude is so different; I feel like the experience is suddenly very magical. I feel so lucky and SO protective of the baby, of myself, of the experience. I think that’s why I haven’t been posting. That being said, I’ll do my best to open up again.

So, 22 weeks. Past half way and almost at the point that the baby could feasibly live if something were to happen. I have put on 14 pounds, which is just about perfect for me (yes, yes, everyone is different.) The baby weighs about 14 ounces, then placenta weighs some of the additional, along with water weight, additional blood and stuff and finally, the chips I’m currently eating.

We went for the 20 week ultrasound and my placenta is in the wrong place (bad placenta!), which is called placenta previa. It is laying over my cervix so for the baby to come out the placenta would have to tear and that would cause “impressive” blood loss (my doctor’s words) and would be very dangerous. So they monitor it through regular ultrasounds and hope that it moves. If not, we’ll have a c-section. No big deal. Ok, so maybe it is a medium sized deal, but there are 6.6 billion people in this world each of whom had a mother. If they all can do it, and many of them with a lot less care, so can I.

The other thing that concerned the doctor was a bright spot in the baby’s heart. This, along with other soft markers, can be a sign of down syndrome. If you remember, I went for the screening at 16 weeks (standard practice in the US for women 35 and over) but didn’t do the blood test as I wasn’t sure I wanted to know. The doctor performing the ultrasound asked again if we wanted the blood test (the second step in the screening) and talked to us about the ways knowing can help (you can be sure specialists are on hand whatever the trouble should be – down syndrome, spina bifida etc.) so we did it.  My husband then called every day for the results and eventually learned all is a-ok.

Next change, the little bugger moves constantly. I feel him/ her flipping over, kicking or punching a lot. It’s such a strange and glorious feeling. It feels like stomach churns or bad gas but in the front lower part of your belly. And you know, the nausea or just sick feeling that you get with stomach churns or gas? None of that. I guess it’s kind of like butterflies, but without the adrenaline. It’s so easily the coolest thing that has ever happened to me. My husband asked if I would give up the ability to have a baby – I said NO WAY! I always planned on adopting after number one, but now I’m not so sure. I love this feeling so much.