You mean the world to me

Print from Etsy

Print from Etsy

Since we started looking for a house, I’ve been looking at decorating blogs again ( is still a favorite) and yearning for Ikea visits and I saw a balloon with “You mean the world on it” on a blog. It sums up so perfectly how I feel about my little man.

He’s growing so fast, trying to crawl, trying to talk, pushing away from me and every day, even as his rapid growth bums me out, I long for more time with him and I am overwhelmed by the way he makes me feel.

Before he was born, my husband and I promised each other we would always put our relationship first. Thinking back, that makes me laugh. So naive. I have no doubt that he feels the same way now – we’ll always put on a front for our child(ren) but in reality they will always be first for each of us.  I would do ANYTHING for this little guy, anything at all… he means the world to me.


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