Nanny vs. Daycare

There are clearly ups and downs to both. Our Nanny costs $500/weekly, which seems a little lower than standard in our area and daycare costs around $180.
But, daycare will also cost you a lot more when you factor in the health costs and the days off work dealing with a sick child.
And then there’s the emotions. Leaving your child at daycare is heart wrenching and the first time your child leans in to go to the nanny from your arms, you’ll probably want to punch her in the gut.
The search for either is extremely tough also. We visited several day cares and the good ones have waiting lists months long (we put our name down when pregnant, little man is now four months old and our name hasn’t come up yet). Finding a good nanny is tough too. We found ours because she was a friend’s nanny. She’s awesome and she was with them for about four years. Great reference, but if I have to hear one more time about how great the previous parents were, or her singing about their child to my child, “Where is Jakey? When is Jakey coming to visit us?” I may go Charlie Sheen on her ass.

No matter what you choose, I can guarantee you will questions your decision, but be strong. Whatever your choice, you’re child will still benefit more from the few hours you spend together daily and the love that surrounds him or her at home than any time spent with nannies or teachers.


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