I experienced birth – kind of

So yesterday I was in the hospital getting a non stress test (twice weekly now I get electrodes stuck to the tummy to monitor the boy while I watch Ellen) and it just so happened that my OB was in the next room delivering a baby. Actually crowning through delivery. It was so cool! The mom made some pretty decent grunts, there was about 1 minute or 2 between the big pushes and they were all counting (she had dad and grandma, 1 or 2 nurses, and doctor) to ten and they all clapped as the head came out and then as the whole kit and kaboodle followed. It was like a movie, except the baby cried for a while. I was like, ok kid, be cute now. And the grandma had too much to say (she was ruining my moment). And, after, things happened pretty fast. Like they weighed him, they took photos of him being weighed and then they took him off to the nursery and they were making the mom stand up. I was only there for 45 minutes! I thought there would be more alone, serene time right there and then. Nope, it’s all bidness!

I was having a lot of contractions yesterday – I was hoping they would be leading up to something, but haven’t had one yet today. 😦


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