Last week… maybe. Symptoms

So, despite the major confusion over the actual due date (could be the 12th, the 14th or the 19th depending which doctor you ask), I thought it would be good to mention some of the things that happen towards the end. Maybe these things are just me, maybe they happen to all.
1. The baby drops.
I know this doesn’t happen to all. I guess second time mothers don’t always have the drop until birth. For me it happened last week. I didn’t feel it but the doctor told me, and people noticed that my belly actually looks like it’s going to collapse over rather than hanging in suspense.

2. Your boobs leak.
This started about three weeks ago. Nothing major and more out of one than the other, but tiny drops appeared when I was washing. Supposedly you aren’t supposed to partake in nipple play because it can induce you (my sis-in-law’s doctor told her), but anything that might induce is for me!

3. Feet and hands swell.
Not just after you walk either. Pretty much all the time. It’s not really noticeable all the time, but try making a fist and you’ll notice.

4. Changes downstairs.
Constant leaking. Not like water breaking just enough to make you uncomfortable and want to shower twice a day. Try panty liners. And also, you have to go number 2 after everything you eat. It’s not diarrhea but it’s kind of like the beginning of a stomach bug where you wonder if it’s gonna get worse.

5. Your bones ache
For me, when he dropped, I could feel his weight on my pelvis when I lay down. I have to turn over throughout the night as my hips and pelvis start to hurt. Sometimes my ribs too.

6. You can’t keep up
I can’t walk more than a mile now. My feet and hands swell like crazy, including the bottom of my feet and my body will ache and this pain will go on for 2 days. Not worth it!

7. Contractions
I have little contractions every now and then. Nothing regular of course. They feel like the muscles in your tummy squeeze up tight and the baby is really tight in there. It feels kind of like a period cramp or gas pains.

There are plenty of other symptoms of labor, but I haven’t had any others yet. For more symptoms, check this link:


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