Manic Monday: Week 32 going on 33

Less than 8 weeks to go. Baby is around about 5 pounds now and I’m almost 25 pounds over normal, which is not surprising considering how much I eat now. It’s pretty crazy – I can beat the husband hands down and other than speed (and possibly the issue of not liking hot dogs much), I’m pretty sure I could beat that kobeashi hot dog champ guy in an eating contest.

About a week ago I had a freak out. A real one: wide awake at 3 am, heart beating out of my chest and feeling like I was about to go into full blown panic attack (I’ve never actually had one so for all I know, I was in the midst of one when I was thinking i was on the edge) about giving birth and having a baby. It came shortly after our first parenting class when I realized that I know absolutely nothing about giving birth. We had the second class day before yesterday and I still know very little, but I’m feeling much better. Why? Simple, really. I’m very competitive.

Sitting in a room full of pregnant hormonal women with a nurse telling us how hard it will be on some, and how easy on others, I became determined to be better at it than the rest of the class! So now, I’m ready. I’ve eaten a sandwich, had some lemonade; I got a good night’s sleep last night and I know I can do it.

And now I wait.


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