Doctor Overload

Two months left to go!

Things I’m excited about: having my body to myself (bar the whole breastfeeding every hour or two – I’m happy in denial, leave me alone!), exercising (yes, you can hate me for saying that, I’ll hate myself about a month after the birth), sleeping on my stomach (see the comment following my first point), climbing on furniture without my husband freaking out, squatting and not getting stuck down there, sitting up without groaning, laying on my back without fear of harming the baby, sushi, sushi, sushi and a margarita (yes, yes, I know about the limitations of breastfeeding and drinking. Let me just state for the record, I will be good and you’re not my mother.) Oh, and meeting, holding and loving my little fella.

Things I’m not excited about: giving birth, the bodily byproducts of birth (holy crap man – you want to put an end to teen pregnancy, tell ’em about this part!), the flabby, doughy stomach post birth, the hair falling out, the extreme highs and lows of hormones getting realigned ( a couple friends introduced anti-depressants to their diet shortly after birth!), people’s “advice” (must get more used to saying “you’re not my mother”), did I mention the byproducts (whew, this is a nasty trick of mother nature).

And finally, the doctor’s visits. Yeah, I don’t know which category this fits in either. I guess I’m just sick of doctor’s visits and the guilt that any working woman feels taking the time out of the day. This month I have four, next month (my last month) I believe I am looking at around six. That’s a half hour for the visit, half hour for signing in and checking out and about an hour of waiting. Plus half an hour driving there and back. That’s just a check up, ultrasounds are a full four hour business at least. At least after the birth I will have the time off already to make these appointments. As it is now, I have to work that extra time at night to keep up with work and to not break into time that should be used for maternity leave.

Some suggestions:

Make the appointment at the same day and time every time. This way it’s easier to manage workload.

Get the very first appointment or the very last appointment of the day.

Have a smart phone (preferably an iphone, but that’s just me!)


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