Things for Thursday: Week 28

Sophie the Giraffe

Today is the first day of 3rd trimester! I am entering the final phase and part of me wants to shout from the clouds and the other simply wants to go home and get my birthing plan and playlist (lots of Beatles, some George Strait and Bob Marley) ready. But today is not about me, today is about the baby because today is also day one of my weekly Things for Thursday posts (it may the last too, I’m not very organized).

Sophie the Giraffe (by Vulli) was bought for us by Grandma B after I have bought 5 or 6 for friends. Every one of my friends’ kids seem to be teething and each one of them has this shoved in their mouth constantly. Sophie the Giraffe is basically a cute little dog toy looking thing (I have a feeling ours might actually be shared with Wembley Dog) that has pointy ears for good gum rubbing, a long neck and four long legs for biting down on and a happy face to assure you and child that she actually loves being gnawed. It’s what she lives for. Somehow it’s sanitary without being boiled or washed (don’t ask too many questions people, I once ate gum off the bottom of a desk as a dare – not not my desk or my gum – and I’m pretty close to being fine). Sophie will set you back a whopping $20 odd bucks, Barnes and Noble seems to be the cheapest right now at around $18.

Seriously, get it or regret it. And if the cost bothers you, try a dog toy from the dollar store. It could work.

Our Sophie is sitting on the shelf, still boxed, waiting patiently for her little boy to come along and chew off an ear and drool all over her face. It will be the best times of her life… and mine too.


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