Holding it all in at work

The hardest part of pregnancy is probably not something that you might have expected. It’s not the stretch marks (none yet thank god) or the weight gain, the lack of sleep and alcohol and sushi, or the influx of hormones – I’m starting to bum myself out here – its work. The place you spend more time than any other. Chances are that you’re the only pregnant person in the office and while you’re coworkers might seem pleased for you – they probably don’t want to hear about it. And that’s the hard part – it’s what you want to talk about. You carry around 20 extra pounds every day, spend 20 minutes more trying to figure out what you can wear that is comfortable and professional; try not to belch, breathe heavy, throw up or sweat to death at your desk while your insides are squished and kicked and your cubicle neighbor orders food that smells like 3-month old scrambled eggs and yet talking about it more than once a day is a big no-no.

So what do you do?
1. Sign up for BabyCenter daily updates (to be delivered to your phone, not work).  This will help you to feel like you’re not the only working pregnant woman out there (even though it may feel that way with all prenatal yoga classes being held at 11 am on Fridays)

2. Keep a blog, or a journal. It feels better to get stuff out, even if no one is listening.

3. Rely on your husband (partner, whatever) – text him, send him emails. This is the burden he carries – you schlep the 20 pounds, he schleps your anxiety!

4. Learn to bottle your feelings. Ok, this is probably not a good idea, but there maybe an inkling of good in the statement. You’re excited now; imagine how you’ll feel when the baby finally gets here! And sharing each tiny yawn through photos and videos is still taboo. And they wonder why mothers have such a hard time going back to work after giving birth!

5. Read this article from The Onion every day: “Pregnant-woman-acting-like-no-one-ever-got-pregnant before.”


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