Cloth diapers – one small step for baby, one giant leap for sanitation.

How cute is my little gbum!

I’ve been doing more research than is probably healthy on cloth diapers lately. I’m not super eco-mum so I’m not sure why this one gets me, but I found out that disposable diapers live for over 500 years in landfills. Something about that bothers me – Columbus sailed the ocean blue 560 years ago. If his mother had used diapers, it’s feasible they’d still be around! So, there’s that and then there is how cute the cloth diapers are now and how easy it all is now too and finally, there’s the cost. I spent $150 on all the diapers I should need from birth to 14 pounds, which is probably not that long, but disposable diapers come in much smaller increments so you’ll be switching a lot more often. A box of 50 pampers is $10. At a rate of 12 diapers a day, you’ll be buying them every 4 days. Blah blah blah… it’s cost worthy in the long run to go green, but more of an investment up front.

So, I’m going with gdiapers. I’ll let you know how it all goes!


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