The power of positivity and good friends

Here’s the most obvious statement in the world: having friends can get you through anything.

There are times when your family, who may always be there for you ordinarily, can really let you down and all it takes to get through it is one good friend to listen. I am really close to my sister in law; I would say she’s my best friend. She always listens to me when I have a problem and luckily for me she had a baby three months ago. Because of this little girl and all of the children born recently to my friends, I don’t feel quite so lost! Yes, I am a little afraid of the pads and numbing spray they are all recommending, but if not for them, I would have no idea I was normal after the birth!

After 9/11 a guy in Australia decided to hand out free hugs in a mall. At first people ignored him, but then, slowly people started to come around. Before you know it, others were giving away free hugs too. Of course, this kind of spreading love can’t be legal and sure enough, they were shut down for not having permits. They collected something like 20,000 signatures on petitions and were reinstated as huggers shortly after. The power of positive connections can overcome the law!

I have friends that have no interest in babies and I have friends that put their kids on the phone with me like it or not. And I am so extremely grateful for all of them. Those people without babies keep me on track to stay my own person. And that’s good – I think I’m a pretty fun and good person in my own right, without being a mother. My baby loving friends help me to understand how my life is about to change entirely. And that’s good too because I was scared of that: changing and losing my identity. But having both sets of friends makes me realize that there is a very very happy medium and that’s my future!

So, today, in the midst of your chaos, your diapers, your paperwork, take a moment and hug someone. A coworker, your husband, the first friend you see. Tell them you’re proud of them, tell the you’re proud to be their friend, tell them you’re simply happy to know them.


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