Doctor Who?

At 14 weeks I decided to change doctor. As a working woman this is a risky move because I don’t have time to “audition” each potential new doctor, so I have to ask for referrals from friends and hope for the best. I decided to leave because I hadn’t actually met my original doctor by 14 weeks. I went through a year of fertility tracking and appointments and referrals, all headed up by the nurse practicioner. When we got the good news, I presumed the doc would make an appearance, but still nothing. At second trimester, still nothing. I realized that the first time I may meet this woman could be in the delivery room, or God forbid, at a point of emergency. Add to that, the staff was difficult, getting through to anyone was also difficult, the hospital would be 30 minutes from our house… it simply didn’t add up.
So, I called two referrals – one was the head of OB at our local hospital, I am a former patient and he birthed my nephew, so he was my first choice. I called three days in a row and got their answering service and nobody called back from the messages. So I moved on again.
And then I found her. The doctor of my dreams (well, I probably would have chosen one less good looking for the sake of my sanity). But there was a downfall: for her to accept me as a patient she anted to review my chart. For her to get my chart I had to contact the first doctor and sign release papers saying I was no longer a patient. I was in limbo.
Luckily, she accepted me and I love her! She is wonderful. Everyone in the office was pleasant and friendly, she spent about 40 minutes with me, at one point started to cry over how amazing children are, talked about how bonding isn’t always immediate, comes from the same midwest town as my husband and delivers at the hospital 5 minutes from our house and 10 from my work.
I still had to sign the legal release that says, if the doctor smashes your baby’s head in childbirth I won’t sue her. But that, I suppose, is why it’s so important to like and trust your doctor.


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