Pregnancy puts the pre in preparation

According to “The word “pregnant” comes from the Latin pre- meaning before + (g)natus meaning birth = before (giving) birth. The word “prenatal” has exactly the same origin.”

I don’t think it’s quite that simple though. I think pregnancy is almost a test to see if your environment (your body, your mind, your life) is suitable for a baby. During these nine months you will be tested. Constantly. And if you make it through, this is nature’s way of saying you are healthy and ready for motherhood.

My first test is lack of sleep. I’m so uncomfortable when I lie down that I may attack the next person that says, “Get your rest now. It won’t happen after the baby gets here.” You can’t lie on your stomach or your back and my sides aren’t flat so that’s not happening either and that leaves? Nothing. Meaning no sleep. That being said, the boppy is my only hope – it forces me to lie somewhere between my back and side. If you don’t have one of these, get one. Target has them.

The Boppy Total Body Pillow

I don’t know who can sleep on their own arm like this. I certainly can’t, so I sleep with the boppy behind me and the bottom part between my knees.

Test #2: Nerves. You can’t feel your baby all the time (or if you’re like me, you have no symptoms other than painful boobs). So you’re talking about it and preparing but in the back of your head there’s a little voice that says, “Maybe it’s not there anymore.” or “Maybe it’s not growing anymore.” There’s only one solution for this and that is seeing or hearing your baby. The doctor won’t let you stop by for an ultrasound whenever you feel like it – something about expenses and medical training blah blah blah – but you might be able to take up the rubber gloves by yourself for less than you’ve been spending on your cravings. Rent a fetal heart rate monitor for around


$20 a month. For that money you should be able to hear your baby (I can’t vouch for how easy it is yet, mine is on order) plus piece of mind. Try or search the Internet.

Test #3: Life goes on. You may want to celebrate and then sleep but you still have to hand in that report, deal with annoying neighbors and pick up after your dog.  If you saw my last post, you’ll agree that bad news doesn’t stop or lessen when you add a joyful pregnancy to your life. And, as usual, it never rains but it pours. Last night my dog collapsed from kidney failure. Our wondrous vet is working hard to get her back in tip top shape, but the reality is that she’s fourteen and we’re fighting for a few more months. She’s the love of my life – my husband was warned as such when he came in to our lives. She makes every day of my life better, even the very best and the very worst.  She is a joyful soul and I’m sorry that my baby won’t remember her.



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