The Big Reveal Part One: Family and Friends

We told my husband’s parents tonight. He has been putting it off until finally I said that I wanted to tell work next week. He made the call and immediately passed it over to me, “Rebecca has something to tell you!”His mother was happy and emotional but more or less speechless. There was a lot of “Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh!”

His father however cried his eyes out! He had a stroke not too long ago and has apparently become quite emotional since. This proves that theory! And then he said, “What do you want?” He wanted to buy me something, I supposed as a reward – too funny!

Next we told his sister who was much calmer but very happy. She has a little boy who is about a year old, so she’s probably excited that he’ll have a cousin – I guess my in laws thought my husband wouldn’t have kids!

And finally, husband told his friends and I told one of mine. She said “I knew it. I thought you looked fuller in the face last time I saw you.” Unfortunately, I wasn’t pregnant at that point, so that was probably not the best response! Overall, the responses have made me realize that I should put together a list of things not to say when told a friend is pregnant.

Next up… work. YIKES!


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