Suffragettes Unite or not…

This morning my father asked if I will continue to work post baby. *sigh*
Here it is… the long debated topic.
Obviously there’s no right or wrong answer to whether one should continue to work after babies enter the world, so let me be clear that my opinion is just that. In an ideal world, I would take 6 months off and then return to my position, same level, double pay!  I work long hard hours and so does my husband. That being said, we live in South Florida, where houses in a decent neighborhood START at 300,000. We cannot afford to lose my salary and, I’d be afraid that all the work I’ve done would be wasted. After our doctor’s appointment (officially 8 weeks according to ultrasound, still nine in my head!), we stopped by a local coffee/bagel place and saw the mommies there. Not working. Looking happy and fit! I called a local yoga studio to see if they offer prenatal. She said YES! We do. Fridays at 11. Am I the only working mother to be in this town? I’m shocked – I thought most people (especially here) would be working mothers. Am I really out of the ordinary?


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