What the baby looks like at 5 weeksYesterday was 5 weeks. Several reports I have read say that the heart forms in week 6, but one that I read said 5 weeks. Which would explain the sharp cramps. Not sure what explains the want for food!
I also picked up a copy of a week by week book (in the bookstore, didn’t buy it). My friend said she wouldn’t read any of these when she was expecting because they were scary. Everything was about what could go wrong. Well, I opened it up to 5 weeks and read about eptopic pregnancies. Apparently you have shoulder pain. Which I have been having!Of course this could be because I sit at a desk all day and push too hard on my elbow, but still… don’t read the books too early is my advice.
Next mile marker = 6 weeks and the doctor appt where we hear the heartbeat.


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