4+4 = anxiety central (posted 02/08/10)

Week 4 (babycenter.com)I am 4 weeks and 4 days and so anxious. I want to take a test every 10 minutes to make sure Bootsie is still in there. Yes, Bootsie. When the husband and I were first dating, we spent a drunken night in the Bootlegger’s bar in Key West where we determined our first born would be Bootsie. Drunken I said.
We have our doctor’s appointment tomorrow morning. I am counting the hours. I am really hoping for a sonogram, but I’m quite sure that they’ll make me come back at 8 weeks. How do I feel? Tired. Very tired.
But when I lie down to sleep I wake up very early anxious that I am not feeling the bloated crampyness.
Symptoms are supposed to be:
Tired (yes)
Sensitive nipple (slight)
Darkening of nipples (no)
Bloatedness (yes)


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