Hello Belly!

After almost a year of trying, my husband and I found out yesterday that we are pregnant. I felt elated, relieved and more nervous than I ever could have imagined. We are SO early along: 2 weeks (which in doctor’s terms means 4 weeks because they count from the date of your last period) that we don’t even have a baby yet. It’s a blastocyst, which actually sounds like something terrible.
Physically, I feel bloated and slightly nauseous and very very tired. It’s hard to sleep because I’m a stomach sleeper, but my stomach hurts to lie on, my back is bad because I have a tendency to jab my husband with my elbows and my sides aren’t flat enough to lie on!
We have our first doctor’s appointment on Tuesday (today is Friday). I woke up this morning, 24 hours after finding out and panicked because I couldn’t feel the cramping. I thought maybe my little sesame seed (that how big it is) had vacated already! But then I sat up and the bloating and cramping was back.


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